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Assistant Coach Gracie


At the age of 2 1/2 Gracie could be seen running around and watching her brother Tom and Dad Ian as they practice the art of judo.

Gracie would pay close attention and at the age of 5 she couldn't wait to get onto the mat and show everyone what she had picked up.

Gracie loves judo and as a primary obtained 3 brown tabs before transitioning to her junior grade.

From a shy child, Gracie has gone from strength to strength. Finding a new skill set and over coming her shyness, Gracie helps judoka's of every age and grade. She has shown such dedication that she won the clubs  Best Judoka 2021 award, and it was very much deserved.

Jan 2023, Gracie and our other assistance coach, Charlotte, entered a Kata competition and obtained Bronze. To say the club is proud of both ladies is an understatement.

Gracie obtained her second blue tab at the last grading.

Gracie gives her time freely on and off the mat. She can be seen helping at gradings, local and national competitions and volunteers at the local Bernardo's shop.

She is a true asset to Southfields and we are blessed to call her an assistant coach.

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