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We’re excited that you’ve decided to come and visit us.


Here’s some information to make your first visit enjoyable, whether you’re just checking us out or you’re ready to get started straight away.


Just want to sit and watch on your first visit?  No problem.  Feel free to visit during any of our classes.  One of our coaches or parents will greet you when you come in.  Just mention that you are here to observe a class.  Feel free to sit anywhere on the seats.  We’ll be glad to answer any of your questions before, during, and after class.


Want to give it a go?

Ok! Our staff will ask you to fill in a short form and your ready to go.

We recommend wearing track suit bottoms and a long sleeve sweatshirt. Judo is a "grappling" martial art so you need something to grab hold of to control your opponent. This is why long sleeve shirts are a must. Girls should have a PLAIN WHITE T-SHIRT underneath their sweatshirt;  Keep in mind, grabbing and pulling will be done, so it's best that it not be your most "new" outfit. You can loan a Judo Gi from the club free of charge if you prefer for your first sessions, or you can buy a uniform from our club which cost around £20.


If you've been in the martial arts before you may already have a gi (uniform), this is fine. Uniforms typical of other arts like karate are extremely thin and will not withstand the pulling and tugging needed for a judo workout. If you have a grade or experience in another art other than judo, please tell us; but out of respect do not wear another arts colored belt to class, use your white belt, please.


Bring something like sandals or slippers you can easily slip on and off your feet to walk off the mat; for going to the bathroom, and getting drinks for breaks; we keep our mats as clean as possible.


Our staff will talk to you about taking out a British Judo Council Licence.


Done it before?

All our sessions are open to everyone and visitors from other clubs or organisations are welcome just bring your License and your good to go, if you are returning to judo after a break or moving into the area and want to re connect with Judo you can renew your licence at the club.


Coming to check us out?


We understand that you have many choices within the Martial Arts world. Why pay good money and get half a Martial Art, when you can practice Judo and get a complete, standing and ground grappling art? Judo is the most popular Martial Art in the world.


Let us show you the benefits of Judo training for both children and adults.


Give Judo A Go

Judo clip throw

Tuesday 6.30pm -8.30

Saturday 10 am to 12


Rolleston Primary School

Address: Hillsborough Rd,

Glen Parva,

Leicester LE2 9PT

(Use side entrance to DOJO)

Thursday - Temporarily Closed


Tudor Grange Samworth Academy

Address: 50 Trenant Rd, Leicester LE2 6UA

(Use Front entrance to DOJO)


Contact us: 07506132492  or

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